Beta testing!!!

API version 1.0

Current version:

- CallMe server - 0.1-beta
- CallMe client - 0.1-beta

This is the first release of CallMe system. Some functions are unavailable yet, but they will be realized to next release.

We hope that you will like our system and you send feedback to
All users who will be actively participating in beta testing will have a special license offer.


CallMe this is a system for receiving and processing callback requests from your web-site.

Main difference our system vs. other similar products is an avoiding the use of email for receiving requests and, as a consequence, unlimited scalability and improving the conversion due to the more rapid response of the operators on the submitted requests.

The system consists of server and client modules.

CallMe server

Server-side code of CallMe system placed in the root directory of your site. It contains inside widget code, for embedding in the templates of the necessary pages by connecting to it's JavaScript file and the server part for interaction with client modules.

CMS used on your site does not matter. CallMe server will be working on any web server with support of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB (other DB's will be added in the future).

Server part has a graphic installer for easing of an installation process. More information about installing and configuring server part of CallMe system you can read in the Installation manual.

CallMe client

Client modules are presents as native applications for Windows, Android, and Linux.

The interaction between clients and server built in such a way to provide for a possibility of simultaneous operation with the incoming requests with an unlimited number of operators, and eliminating the possibility of re-calling by other operators on the previously processed request.
When working with email, this functionality can hardly be achieved.
In addition, each operator has the ability to describe the result of the callback to the client that allows assessing the conversion, both in generally and in the context of a specific operator.