CallMe server installation is a simple enough even for the unprepared users.
All installing process take a few minutes and consist of few simple steps.

  1. Download last version of CallMe server.
  2. Unpack it to the root directory of your site. Rename unpacking folder from CallMe-Server-master to callme.
  3. Type in your browser http://yoursite.url/callme/install. In opened Install wizard fill all required fields.
    1. Database server (or IP) - URL or IP your database server. This address often has a localhost value.
    2. Database user - name of a user who has access rights to your database.
    3. Database user password - database user password.
    4. Database name - a name of your database.
  4. Check entered data by pressing on Test connection button. If all data is correct and wizard says Connection OK then press Create CallMe database structure button. In another case, check entered data again.
  5. Enter your site URL.
  6. nvent a password and enter it to CallMe server security password field. Retype it in the field below. This password is necessary for preventing unauthorized data access and for connecting of client modules to the server.
  7. Press FINISH button. If wizard says something like "File writing error" you must change the access rights to the callme folder but usually this not be a necessary.

CallMe widget connecting

Next, you must connect widget to target pages of your site.
This widget requires a jQuery library and if your site does not use it, you must download it and connect to your site for the correct working of CallMe widget.

<script src="callme/jquery-1.6.js"></script>

Next, connecting widget script and style sheet.

<script src="callme/callme.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="callme/callme.css">

Package has addition style sheet callme_circle_logo.css for another widget appearance.

In all case, you can change the appearance of widget that as you want.

At the end of connecting in target place of your page do call and initialize of a widget.